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Show Notes for previous Night Talk episodes:

Topics for Night Talk Ep. 7 072519 Season 1 Finale:

  • TP USA embarrassed by displaying a fake Presidential Seal
  • Puerto Ricans rise to oust Governor Ricardo Rossello
  • NY Mayor Bill De Blasio takes a stance against protestors for attacking police
  • America’s Morals: A monologue
  • Boris Johnson emerges as the Prime Minister of the UK
  • Mueller testifies before the Judiciary and Intelligence committees

Topics for Night Talk Ep. 6 071819:

  • NASA and Apollo 11 celebrates its 50th anniversary since their first moon landing
  • A ‘joke’ Facebook event to ‘Storm Area 51’ attracts over 2 million people and global media coverage
  • The Squad takes a stand against President Donald Trump and America remains divided

Topics for Night Talk Ep. 5 071119:

  • President Donald Trump’s Tax Returns in the Spotlight
  • The Citizenship Question: To add or Not to add
  • Secretary Pompeo announces the ‘Unalienable Rights Committee’
  • US Women’s Soccer taking a federal suit for equal pay
  • California earthquakes: Latest coverage
  • Warren firing ahead of Sanders, but still behind Buttigieg and Biden
  • Epstein formally charged in child trafficking case
  • GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy under investigation for abuse of power
  • Conservatives win elections in Greece
  • Deutsche Bank cuts 18,000 jobs in company overhaul
  •  UK Ambassador to America under fire for comments about Pres. Trump
  • Hong Kong protests continue in fight for greater power
  • Iran’s broken deal: The Uranium just keeps on going


Topics for Night Talk Ep. 4 070419 Fourth of July Special:

  • Fourth of July Celebrations
  • Socialism challenging the political sphere
  • Trump’s economy challenging Democrats vying for 2020
  • Democratic Debate highlights
  • Trump becomes first sitting President to set foot in North Korea
  • G20: Trump meets Putin and addresses ‘fake news’
  • Twitter censors public figures Tweets which violate policy
  • Journalist attacked for his beliefs at a rally
  • Heatwave grips Europe
  • Travel PSA – Disease Watch and Preparations for Going on Holidays
  • Night Talk Season 1 plans to wrap on 25th July – Return of Season 2: 15th August 2019


Topics for Night Talk Ep. 3 062819:

  • Review of the recent U.S. – Iran tensions discussed in Ep. 2
  • ICE raids postponed for 2 weeks
  • Democratic presidential candidates begin the TV debates
  • Brexit update
  • Boris Johnson under fire from Jeremy Hunt
  • Former Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi dies while in court
  • Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy in court on curruption charges
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Topics for Night Talk Ep. 2 062119:

  • Ep. 1 Recap
  • Tensions between U.S. and Iran escalate
  • A junior baseball game gets overheated resulting in police intervention
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Topics for Night Talk Ep. 1 061419:

  • Trump in Office – A reflection on over two years’ worth of accomplishments
  • Letterman calls Trump ‘Psychotic‘ and a ‘Soul-less B******‘ in a recent podcast interview
  • Brexit – What is coming and where Brexit stands now
  • Binocle Global – The brand and what it stands for
  • Night Talk Giveaway – Over $2400 worth of subscriptions to Binocle until the end of 2020
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